HFC R-404A

R-404A is a “near azeotropic” HFC blend, especially developed for commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration. R-404A is used for new refrigeration units for supermarkets, refrigerated cold storage rooms, food refrigeration systems, cabine

R245FA Refrigerant Gas

R245FA gas is the newest gas used in hot ambients. The purpose of production is related to production of electrical energy from hot water which is called “ORC”. However, this gas has been started to use in cooling by our company. Evoparation is +

R236FA Refrigerant Gas

            R236FA refrigerant gas is an environmentally friendly. Also ıt does not leave any residual material. It can work in extreme hot environments. It gives well results in dusty places and ambient temperature which is up to 80 °C

R227EA Refrigerant Gas

            In this refrigerant gas, You can get cooling up to 60°C ambient temperature. After the 60 °C ambient temperature, The gas continue to cool up to 60 °C by decreasing. It stops cooling at 70 °C because ıt cannot return from